Adventure Tours with Roots of the Amazon (1 to 5 Day Trips)

Located one hour from the city of Tarapoto,  in the small jungle village of San Roque De Cumbaza, province of Lamas - Peru.  We are a tour operator that offers authentic Peruvian Amazon tours. 

We are committed to our local farming community and indigenous guides, who are masters of navigating these Amazon rainforests.  Abundant of wild medicinal plants and thriving with colorful wildlife, distinct to the area.  We wholeheartedly support ecotourism, with the intention to protect our forests.

Our tours feature primary rainforest expeditions, local organic farms and Kechwa indigenous villages.  Only available so far through our searching off-track community.

We are sincere about exploring uncharted territory to bring you the most magical and authentic vacation.  Root experiences that guarantee a fresh perspective.

Join us for the adventure - Searching Off-Track, in the Amazon Rainforest, Peru.

We Offer 1-5 Day Trips:

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