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Located one hour from the city of Tarapoto,  in the small jungle village of San Roque De Cumbaza, province of Lamas - Peru.  We are a tour operator which offers authentic Peruvian Amazon tours. 

We are committed to our local community and wholeheartedly support ecotourism - which can directly benefit our local community.  Our indigenous guides are masters of navigating these amazon rainforests, thriving with colorful wildlife, distinct to the area and abundant of wild medicinal plants.

Our tours feature primary rainforest expeditions and Quechua indigenous villages, only available so far through our searching off-track community.  We are sincere about exploring uncharted territory to bring you the most magical and authentic vacation.

 We Offer;

  • Hiking in Peru - adventures to some really amazing nature spots and indigenous villages, inside and beside our national park Cordillera Escalera.
  • Cultural Immersion holidays - genuine experiences in indigenous Kechwa Lamista communities. 
  • Creative Tours - For those who would like to learn an indigenous craft such as ceramics or weaving.  Also, paint using found pigments collected in the rivers of the Amazon.
  • Traditional medicine in Peru - We are passionate about the preservation of plant medicine knowledge.  There are many healers in the area who maintain this wisdom and work with a multitude of plants that cure.
  • English speaking tour guides -  Our tour guides -  nature enthusiasts, and environmentalists.  A great bunch of people who will keep you in good conversation.
  • Our local guides -  are knowledgeable on how to navigate the forest and will keep you well informed on the many wild plants, birds, and insects.

We offer Root experiences that guarantee a fresh perspective.  Join us for the adventure - Searching Off-Track, in the Amazon jungle, Peru.

Package Tours

3-5 Day Trips

Hiking in nature and experience indigenous villages

  • Añakiwi clear river springs and explore Napo primary rainforest in the national park Cordillera Escalera.
  • Maraysillo Waterfall - We will visit a Quechua (Kechwa) Lamista community Aviacion.  One-hour walk to a magical waterfall Maraysillo.   Lunch in the village, traditional food.  Two-hour walk back to the village of San Roque De Cumbaza.
  • Coffee farm and lookout point of the Cordillera Escalera, Visit a coffee farm on the high jungle mountain, learn about coffee farming from local experts who care about growing organically.


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3-5 Day Trips

Cultural Immersion and Creative Tours - Kechwa Lamista ancient craft and get creative with found earth pigments.

  • Collecting and painting with found pigment painter Trina Brammah.
  • Indigenous ceramics and weaving in the Kechwa Lamista villages.
  • Waterfall Huacamaillo hiking adventure and picnic in nature.


Kechwa Lamista

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1 Day Trips

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Aviacion indigenous Kechwa village and waterfall Maraysillo

We will drive to the village of Aviacion.  One hour walk to this magical waterfall.  An opportunity to know what it is like in a small Peruvian jungle community.  Lunch in the village, local dishes prepared with foods collected from local farms.  Then a 2-hour walk on the way back - views of the mountains.

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Ceramics in the indigenous village of Chunchiwi

1 -hour walk to the village of Chunchiwi where you will visit the home of Petrona.  Learn to make a ceramic pot with clay collected locally.  A unique opportunity to spend time in a local indigenous village, surrounded by views of the Cordillera Escalera national park.

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Learn to paint using pigments found in Amazonian rivers

Spend time by the River Cumbaza looking for natural pigments with pigment painter Trina Brammah.  Enjoy swimming in the river, secluded in nature.  A short walk to Sachaqa Centro De Arte where you will learn how to make the pigments into paint.

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 Chiricyacu  indigenous Kechwa village - learn how to weave a chumbe belt

One-hour drive to the village and 2-hour walk back.  There is an association or women in Chiricyacu who weave chumbes.

An opportunity to know what it is like in a small Peruvian jungle community.  A local dish served with food collected from local farms.

Sculpture Trail Peru

Sculpture Trail and Añaquiwi clear river springs

Hike to the viewpoint of the Cordillera Escalera national park, passing Sachaqa Centro De Arte and sculpture trail along the way.  There are only three sculptures so far as most artists allow their work to biodegrade.   We will let you know when there is any work in progress. Añakiwi clear river springs - picnic lunch in nature.

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Spend time relaxing and swimming at Huacamaillo Waterfall

Short drive to the village of San Antonio.  One and half hour walk to Huacamaillo Waterfall.  Crossing over the river three times - bring plastic shoes.   Time for relaxing by the waterfall and picnic lunch in nature.


Hidden waterfall Rumi Maray experience Kechwa village in Pamachtu

40-minute drive to the village of Pamashtu.  Passing Lamas town along the way.  20-minute walk to the village of Huapoa, further 20 minutes to the waterfall.  This route is unique - a chance to experience indigenous communities and hike in nature.

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