holidays Peru

Trina Brammah - general manager.

Trina has lived in the village of San Roque De Cumbaza, Peru, for over ten years. She is a natural pigment painter, teacher and general manager.  For all general enquires please e-mail or Whats App any time - from UK


Petrona - teacher

We have worked with Petrona for almost ten years. She is patient, kind and a great teacher - Kechwa Lamista community of Chunchiwi

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motor Taxi

Cherlin - motor taxi driver.

The best way to travel in the jungle is by motor taxi.  I am a nervous passenger and get car sick, so Cherlin is my main driver,  I trust him and he doesn't take a risk on the road.  He works on British timing not Peruvian so that is golden - from San Roque.

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Don Angel - local guide and friend.

Our bridge to the Kechwa Lamista communities.  A lovely man who is respected by all the communities.  He is San Roque born and knows all about the history, culture, and people - from San Roque.

Genrry Lopez - local guide, an expert in agriculture and jungle wildlife.

Local people are the best guides to navigate the jungle forests.  they have worked on farms situated in deep jungle forests from a young age.  Gennry is unique and loves all the insects and plants.  He will introduce you to the jungle in a way only a local can, from San Roque De Cumbaza.

Local cuisine

Cenaida - cook

Traditional dishes at it's best.  Cenaida lives close to Sachaqa and will cook you the best chicken soup called Cal De Gallina - a mermaid of el Rio Huallaga.