How to prepare for travel in the Amazon rainforest – San Martin.

Due to living in the Amazon of Peru for over ten years, I have developed my own jungle style and ways of coping with the hard jungle conditions.  Maybe not so stylish where you are from but when the sun is burning and the mosquitoes are biting - then you will be glad to have found this post.  In all the years living in the forest I have never used any mosquito sprays or sun protection and  don't believe much in chemicals for protection.

.So what is the climate in the Peruvian jungle San Martín?

There are seasons, but summer creeps into the rainy season and the rainy season creeps into the dry season.  So the seasons are very confusing and change from year to year.  February to June usually has more rain.  You literally never know what you are going to get in the jungle.

What is the best clothing advise for the Peruvian Amazon San Martín?

Plan for mud, rubber shoes are perfect.  You can buy wellington boots in local villages, which are surprisingly comfortable and cost around 25 soles.  Then when you leave you can donate any unwanted shoes to the many village farmers.

Thick jumpers are rarely needed, a good humidity proof light jacket and a few shirts is all you need.  After the rain the humidity can get in your bones so slightly waterproof clothes are ideal. KOOFIN GEAR Women's Long Sleeve Hooded Sunshirt UPF 50+ Sun Protection Performance Fishing Hoodie Athletic Workout Tops Moisture Wicking:

Electrical equipment

You can bring your electrical equipment - lovely phone, camera or device, but please don't forget to bring a waterproof plastic protective cover.  Computers have a very short lifespan in the jungle.  The humidity effects the battery and keyboard also it is better to bring a 'Surge protector' to safeguard sensitive electrical equipment.

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List of useful items

  • A wind-up torch ( please don't bring battery items.)
  • A good lighter, we have gas stoves and is always nice to light a fire, matches go soggy and our Peruvian lighters are rubbish.
  • Plastic covers for electrical items.
  • Rain jacket - which you can carry with you.
  • Swimming costume - so many amazing places to swim, there are no piranas or anything much living in the water.  The only people using the River Cumbaza before it reaches San Roque is indigenous villages - no factories.
  • Sun hat, glasses etc
  • Cloths: baggy trousers, shirts, T-shirts, vests, shorts (for the city of Tarapoto,) plastic shoes, city shoes, light walking shoes, thick socks, jumper etc
  • Water bottle with filter - Peru has no clean tap water.  If you can get a filter of parasites etc. If not we boil the water.


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Medication To think of when travelling to San Martín, Peru.

Now my Mum is a pharmaceutical believer, I am not.  Your doctor will scare you to death.  I have coconut oil and my toothbrush in my travel bag but I know we are all different.  There is a small hospital in the village of San Roque and most jungle villages have basic medicine supply such as; Pain killers, a woman's monthly items, antihistamine tablets ( great for people who react to mosquito bites,) medication for diarrhea etc.

Mosquitos - Do you really need deet?  I know you all want to wear shorts and small tops and get your flesh out on holiday, please don't.  You can in the city of Tarapoto, but in the forest there are mosquitos.  Well, the mosquitos in San Roque are clean, no dengy and no malaria etc.  So what does it really matter if you get a few bites.  Tumeric and copaiba are really good for the swelling and antihistamine tablets.   Natural sprays are not effective.  You can buy a mosquito spiral which you can burn and the mosquitoes leave you alone.  But deet on the skin is a health hazard and toxic.  Ok, I said my piece.


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