If you chose to prepare some meals in your own kitchen, maybe breakfast and some evening meals – we keep this option open.  Alternatavly we can provide all of your meals.  Please let us know beforehand what you would like us to prepare – special requirements etc.

Day 1: welcome to San Roque De Cumbaza

Settle into your lodgings.  Introduction to the village of San Roque and tour of the village,  to get to know the best local shops and river beaches.

jungle village

We can drop into a local supermarket and vegetable market (great experience)  in Tarapoto if you would like to prepare some meals – you can buy basic food in San Roque such as potatoes, rice, carrots, onions, garlic and oats etc.  Buy coconut oil, nuts, greens and fruits in Tarapoto.

  • 9 am:  Arrive at the village of San Roque De Cumbaza.  We will send a motor-taxi to pick you up from the airport or your hotel.
  • Settle into your lodgings and visit the local shop where you can stock up on bottles of water and light snacks.
  • Tour of the village.
  • Explore the many beaches of San Roque De Cumbaza.
  • Lunch in the village, some options are – traditional dish Inchicapi soup made with peanut and chicken, Yucca Rellena – yucca filled with chicken or vegetables and friedchicken, beans and rice.
  • Free time
  • Dinner in the home of Cenida – Cal De Gallina, a traditional soup made with farmed chicken.

Day 2: Añakiwi clear river springs and explore Napo primary rainforest in the national park Cordillera Escalera

Two-four hour hike (depends on how far you would like to explore)  – Picnic lunch in nature. Swimming in clear river springs surrounded by jungle mountains.

holidays peru

  • 8-9am: Choice of preparing your own breakfast in your kitchen or breakfast in the village.
  • 9 am:  Hike to the primary rainforests of Napo – nature and its finest, abundant of birds and butterflies
  • Time to swim and relax in the clear river springs of Anakiwi.
  • 12.30 pm: Picnic lunch – Juane a rice dish wrapped in a leaf (chicken or vegetarian option) and vegetarian ceviche with coconut. We will eat on the lookout point wooden shelter.
  • 2 pm: Walking back to San Roque passing the sculptures of Sachaqa Centro De Arte.
  • Free time
  • 5pm walk into the village, quick tour of the many murals and we can buy refreshments and alcoholic drinks while we sit and whats the children play in the plaza.
  • 6pm – choice to prepare your own meal or a meal served in a local village restaurant. Some options are – traditional dish Inchicapi soup made with peanut and chicken, Yucca Rellena – yucca filled with chicken or vegetables and friedchicken, beans and rice.

Day 3: Experience the Kechwa Lamista community of Aviacion – Maraysillo Waterfall

  • Choice to prepare your own breakfast or breakfast in the village.
  • Visit the local shop where you can stock up on bottles of water and light snacks.
  • 9.15 am: Drive in a 4 x 4 car, on a dirt road to the village of Aviación.
  • 10.15 am: Welcoming drink.
  • 10.30 am: One-hour hike to Maraysillo Waterfall, a magical waterfall and very unique.
  • 11.30 am: Spend time relaxing by the waterfall, you can swim and jump in the water from the rocks.
  • 12.30 pm: Walk back to the village.
  • 1.30 pm: We will integrate into village life, lunch in the homes of the local people.   There are three traditional dishes you can choose from; Inchicapi – a peanut type soup with chicken, and Cal De Gallina – chicken soup, or beans, rice, and egg.  All food is collected from the local chacra/farms in the village.
  • 2.30 pm: You can choose to walk back to San Roque, or drive back. The walk is a nice two-hour journey, downhill.  The views and indigenous villages along the way are worth the extra effort.
  • 4.30 pm:  We can buy refreshments, snacks and ice cream in the local shops.
  • Coice to prepare your own food or a meal prepared by our village restaurant which you can eat at your accommodation kitchen.

cultural integration holidays
hiking holidays

Maraysillo Waterfall – Quechua (Kechwa) Lamista community Aviacion.  Photo IG;@leticia.ruth.borrego

Day 4; Coffee farm and viewpoint of the Cordillera Escalera.

Visit a chacra learn about coffee farming from a local expert who cares.  It is always lovely to get to know local people and find out how it is to be a farmer in the jungle on a high mountain.

  • Choice to prepare your own breakfast or breakfast in the village.
  • 9 am:  Meet Magay who will be guiding us to his coffee farm collective.  Passing by the sculptures trail, by the artists of the Sachaqa Centro De Arte.
  • 10 am:  break at the lookout point of the Cordellera Escalera national park.
  • 11 am:  Arrive at magays coffee plantation. Overview of coffee production and a achange to experience the a day in the life of a coffee farmer.  Have a go at clearing the land with a machete.
  • 12.30 pm: Lunch – you can prepare your own lunch or juane ( rice wrapped in a leaf.)
  • 1 pm: Walk back to the village
  • Free time
  • Choice of meal in your accommodation or in the village.

coffee farming

Walking to the coffee farm, passing viewpoints along the way.

hiking holidays

Maday coffee expert, passionate about organic farming.

Day 5: Spend time relaxing and swimming at Huacamaillo Waterfall

  • 8 am:  Breakfast and pack your bags ready to meet you on the way back to Tarapoto.
  • 9 am: Journey to san Antonio De Cumbaza.
  • 9.30 am: Walk to waterfall Huacamaillo crossing over the river several times, please bring waterproof shoes.
  • 11.30 am: Arrive at the waterfall, time to relax in nature.
  • 12 pm:  Picnic lunch – Juane a traditional rice dish wrapped in a leaf (vegetarian option) Vegetarian ceviche – coconut dish.
  • 1 pm:  Walk back to San Antonio de Cumbaza.
  • 2.30 pm:  Option to speak with Don Alberto a local medicine man who is knowledgeable on the many medicinal plants growing in his garden (please let us know before you book if this is something you are interested in and we will arrange an appointment.)
  • 3.30 pm:  Journey back to Tarapoto – end of your adventure.  your bags will be waiting for you in the car on the way back to Tarapoto.

Includes:  All excursions ( food during excursions only), pick up from airport, accommodation.

Does not include: Meals – we provide a kitchen where you can prepare your own food.  We can take you to the supermarket before arrival.  If you would like food included in the price let us know.

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