5 Day experience indigenous villages and waterfalls

There are some absolutely amazing hikes in the district of San Roque De Cumbaza.  Walking in the jungle can be hard at times, but so rewarding.  The forests are abundant with many varieties of birds, plants, and beautiful butterflies.  We can take you deep into primary rainforests where you can visit waterfalls out of this world.  Visit indigenous villages hardly influenced by the outside world – just how we like it.

Accommodation – You can choose between Sachaqa Centro De Arte and Depura Selva Hostel’   Sachaqa is based a short walk from the village center.  Experience en eco-arts community situated in the forest.  If jungle life may be a little overwhelming for you, enjoy your stay in comfortable hostel Depura Selva, where you can sleep in the village.

ecological village

Sachaqa Centro De Arte kitchen

San Roque De Cumbaza

Depura Selva Hostel in the village of San Roque De Cumbaza

Where to eat?  Our accommodation provides a kitchen if you would like to prepare your own food.  We can take you to the vegetable market and supermarket before we leave Tarapoto. 40-minutes from San Roque.

There are many local restaurants we can recommend in the village, which commonly serve typical white rice, chicken/fish and bean dishes.  There are vegetarian options but not many – a vegetarian ceviche served with coconut is my favorite.

If you would like us to include food in your package, please let us know.

Day 1; welcome to San Roque De Cumbaza

Settle into your lodgings.  Introduction to the village of San Roque and tour of the village,  to get to know the best local shops and river beaches.

jungle village

Day 2; Añakiwi clear river springs and explore Napo primary rainforest in the national park Cordillera Escalera

Two-four hour hike (depends on how far you would like to explore)  – Picnic lunch in nature. Swimming in clear river springs surrounded by jungle mountains.

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Day 3: Experience the Kechwa lamista community of Aviacion – Maraysillo Waterfall

Drive in a 4 x 4 car, on a dirt road to the village of Aviación.  One-hour hike to Maraysillo Waterfall, a magical waterfall and very unique.  Spend time relaxing by the waterfall, you can swim and jump in the water from the rocks.   After walking back to the village.  we will integrate into village life, lunch in the homes of the local people.   There are three traditional dishes you can choose from; Inchicapi – a peanut type soup with chicken, and Cal De Gallina – chicken soup, or beans, rice, and egg.  All food is collected from the local chacra/farms in the village.  You can choose to walk back to San Roque, which is a nice two-hour walk on a dirt road, downhill.  The views and indigenous villages along the way are worth it.

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Maraysillo Waterfall – Quechua (Kechwa) Lamista community Aviacion.  Photo IG;@leticia.ruth.borrego

Day 4; Coffee farm and viewpoint of the Cordillera Escalera.

Visit a chacra learn about coffee farming from a local expert who cares.  It is always lovely to get to know local people and find out how it is to be a farmer in the jungle on a high mountain.

coffee farming

Walking to the coffee farm, passing viewpoints along the way.

hiking holidays

Maday coffee expert, passionate about organic farming.

Day 5:  Time to go home the last dip in the river Cumbaza

Relax by the river before journeying back to Tarapoto.

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3 Day Hiking

Any combination of the above tour.

Day 1; Añakiwi clear river springs and explore Napo primary rainforest in the national park Cordillera Escalera

Day 2: Experience the Kechwa Lamista community of Aviacion – Maraysillo Waterfall

It will be quite an adventure. Truly Off-Track!

Day 3:  relax by the river before journeying back to Tarapoto.



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