There are some absolutely amazing hikes in the district of San Roque De Cumbaza. We can take you deep into primary rainforests, abundant with many varieties of birds, plants, and beautiful butterflies. Or we can visit Kechua Lamista villages and get to know the local people, who live a very respectful, humble and ecological lifestyle.

1 Day Trips

Kechwa village and waterfall -' Lost Shoe'.

We will begin your journey in the village of San Roque De Cumbaza. From there a 40 minutes drive to the village, with views of the Cordillera Escalera and passing native communities along the way.  One hour walk to this magical waterfall with a local guide from the Kechwa village.

Cultural Immersion experience - an opportunity to know what it is like in a small Peruvian indigenous community, which has maintained ancient traditions.  Lunch in the village, local dishes prepared with foods collected from local farms.  Choice of a 2-hour walk back to the village of San Roque De Cumbaza or drive - a lovely walk with amazing views.

Maraysillo Waterfall

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Hiking Trip 2 - The point where Añaquiwi clear river springs meet the Cumbaza.

Hike to the clear river springs of Añakiwi, a magical place surrounded by friendly jungle forests, where you can hear the many sounds of birds. Blue Picnic lunch in nature and time to swim and relax by the river.  The path is quite steep so you would have to be of a certain fitness to do this trail. There are amazing views of the Cordillera Escalera and you can see the city of Tarapoto from afar.


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Ceramics in the indigenous village of Chunchiwi

1 -hour walk to the village of Chunchiwi from San Roque De Cumbaza. Where you will visit the home of Petrona and learn to make a ceramic pot with clay collected locally.  A unique opportunity to spend time in a local indigenous village, surrounded by views of the Cordillera Escalera national park.


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3 Day Trips

Hiking Trip 1 - Primary rainforest of Napo,  Avinacion indigenous Kechwa village - waterfall Maraysillo. and swimming at Huacamaillo Waterfall.


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5 Day Hiking Trip - indigenous villages and waterfalls

Spend time getting to know our small jungle village of San Roque De Cumbaza.   The different sights and sounds.  the way of life for local farmers who work hard harvesting coffee and cacao beans - which are often drying outside local houses.  In this hiking experience, you will have lots of activities and exercise so there will be no time to get bored.  Although we will have time to relax in nature, swim in crystal clear rivers, rest on sandy beaches and cleanse in our forest waterfalls.  A true experience of a lifetime.

A great experience for older children also.

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