In the Kechwa Lamista communities.

Our Quechua-speaking communities are descended primarily from the Pocras and the Hanan Chancas. After losing the war with the Quechuas of Cusco, the Pocras fled to the jungle of Tarapoto. Their history and different cultural customs, such as the typical festivals, dances and traditions. As well as their way of kindly greeting the visitor, makes visiting the Kechwa communities, a valuable and welcoming experience.


Cultural Immersion holiday 1 - Wayku indigenous town of Lamas.

The best way to experience the authenticity of Wayku is to spend time learning from the indigenous artisans. Their traditions are ancient and very valuable, sometimes the people can be very protective and private.   Not everyone is so open to sharing, especially on the subject of plant medicine and spiritual beliefs.  Everything we can learn from the Kechwa people is such a gift.

Learn to make your own simple ceramic  bowl

The home of Gemina is really special

She is a potter and has clay, broken pots and huge ceramic vases hiding in every corner of her beautiful home. It is better to visit early, where we will be invited to join the family to sit around the fire for breakfast.


Learn a craft of your choice

After breakfast, it is your choice of what you would like to learn; we can make a ceramic bowl or create plant pigments.  we can learn about the many medicinal plants growing in the garden and how to prepare them.   The family knows all the secret recipes for medicine that can cure common aches and pains.  Maybe you would be interested in weaving a Chumbe belt or small basket to take home as a souvenir.

The point is that we have the opportunity to spend time with the local people and learn from a Kechwa community - beautiful, powerful and pure in its simplicity.

Chumbe weaving
Chumbe weaving

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5 Day Creative Tour and Cultural Immersion holiday

Enjoy your time in the Village of San Roque De Cumbaza, there will be lots of activity, although you will have time to relax by the river Cumbaza and be creative in the Sachaqa studio.

We can learn so much spending time in Kechwa Lamista communities, you will visit Chunchiwi, Aviacion and Wayku in Lamas.

Trina Brammah will take you to look for natural pigments, teach you about her visionary art and painting techniques.

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