Our Accommodation Options –

There are a few hostels and eco-lodges in the village of san roque de Cumbaza.  We offer; Sachaqa Centro De Arte and Ecoaldeas Bungalows.   Sachaqa is based a short walk from the village center.  Experience en eco-arts community situated in the forest.  If jungle life may be a little overwhelming for you, enjoy your stay in the comfortable bungalows situated close to the River Cumbaza.


Ecoaldeas Bungalows


5 Day Hiking Trip - indigenous villages and waterfalls

Spend time getting to know our small jungle village of San Roque De Cumbaza.   The different sights and sounds.  the way of life for local farmers who work hard harvesting coffee and cacao beans - which are often drying outside local houses.  In this hiking experience, you will have lots of activities and exercise so there will be no time to get bored.  Although we will have time to relax in nature, swim in crystal clear rivers, rest on sandy beaches and cleanse in our forest waterfalls.  A true experience of a lifetime.

A great experience for older children also.

peru hiking holidays
magical waterfall peru

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5 Day Creative Tour and Cultural Immersion experience.

You will be visiting indigenous villages and learning ancient crafts.   The Kechwa Lamista communities maintain their traditions passed down for many generations.

Spend time in the studio of Sachaqa Centro De Arte where world artists are at work in the studio.  learn how to make pigments into the paint.  Trina Brammah will talk about her visionary art painted with the natural pigments and what using collected pigments means to her.

Artist of Sachaqa Centro De Arte
Artist of Sachaqa Centro De Arte
found pigment painting

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