San Roque De Cumbaza

A beautiful high jungle village, surrounded by beautiful blue mountains.  Local people are friendly and are accustomed to outsiders visiting their village.  On your first day, we can tour the village and get to know the local shops and river beaches.  There are a few hostels and eco-lodges in the village.  We can organize your stay with any accommodation.  We offer Sachaqa Centro De Arte - eco-houses and Depura Selva Hostel.

San Roque De Cumbaza

Hiking Trip 1 - Primary rainforest of Napo,  Avinacion indigenous Kechwa village - waterfall Maraysillo. and swimming at Huacamaillo Waterfall.

What I have learned on my quest looking for waterfalls in our national park - Cordillera Escalera.  Is that we as humans are always trying to reach our destination, then we go home.  What I have realized is the importance of spending a moment to enjoy the journey along the way.  Our high jungle forests are abundant with a rare variety of beautiful birds, butterflies, insects, strange plants, flowers, and medicinal plants.  We have to remember to enjoy every moment.

To be welcomed into the home of a local Kechwa Lamista community is a great honor.  Without trying, our indigenous groups are protecting the majority of our rainforests, just by living the way they always have.  You will feel at home and welcome by our friendly jungle, guides, and communities.   Join us in this once in a lifetime adventure.

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Kechwa Lamista

3 Day Creative Tour  - Learn to paint using pigments found in Amazonian rivers, Chumbe weaving or Ceramics in the indigenous village of Chunchiwi, Sculpture Trail and Añaquiwi clear river springs.

If you would like to learn a new creative technique while exploring the area and visiting an indigenous Kechwa Lamista community - this tour is for you.  We will have time to relax and swim in the River Cumbaza and explore the small friendly village of San Roque De Cumbaza.  Spend time in artist community Sachaqa Centro De Arte, have a go at painting with the naturally found pigments which you will find along the way.   Lots of fun and activities and beautiful nature spots.

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